YOUniversal – YOUnited – YOUnique

 YOUnifying the Physical body, the Energetic body and the YOUniversal body.

We specialize in meditative, yin & tantric yoga that focuses on connecting the physical, energetic & YOUniversal body. We provide teachings on asanas (poses), chakras, mantras and the breath that will help bring understanding and balance to YOUr life.

Hosting an event? Looking to start a personal practice? We can create offerings tailored to YOUr needs. Connect with us and enjoy a practice that works for YOU.

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Our actions have a direct effect on the karma we put into the universe. The fruit of our karmas brings us either happiness or suffering. Through practice we can bring focus and intention to our actions. In this way we create our own happy life.

Jaci MacKendrick – Owner, 200HR RYT, BEc, BSc

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