Kindness can be a difficult thing to cultivate. Often the qualities of kindness (being gentle, giving, considerate and caring) are also viewed as weaknesses. We fear being weak, or having others take advantage of us, so we limit when and where we show kindness.

Though we may not realize it, the unkindness we show to others stems from our unkindness towards ourselves.

To cultivate kindness we must first be kind towards ourselves. This kindness means we must be considerate of our personal boundaries, and care about our own wellbeing.

When we establish personal boundaries based on kindness towards ourselves, it becomes difficult for others to take advantage of us. Then we can show kindness to others without the fear of it being a weakness.

We can be strong in our kindness.

Mantras for kindness:

I am kind.

I accept that I am kind.

Kindness is not my weakness, it is my strength.

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