On Guilt:

You cannot change what has happened. All you can do is be honest and truthful now.

Guilt is the result of attachments … Attachments to historical thought patterns, experiences, or ways of being. Guilt always lives in the past, and therefore keeps us stuck in the past.

Recognize that, though these thought patterns, experiences and ways of being are very real, they do not need to continue existing.

Consider a tree. Each year it grows leaves, flowers and seeds, and then drops them all. It lets go of all the leaves, flowers and seeds it was holding to make way for new ones. With this change, it is never quite the same tree each year; each season. It is still honestly and truly a tree.

You are like the tree. Your thought patterns, experiences and ways of being are like the leaves, flowers and seeds. There is no rule saying you must hold onto them from season to season; year to year. In fact, it is much more natural to let go.

Guilt occurs when we don’t let them go. We actually stunt ourselves from being honest and true to our Inner Self when hold onto these attachments.

Our Inner Self is our most authentic loving self. Our Outer Self is where we hold onto attachments. By meditating on being true and honest to our Inner Self, we can connect it with our Outer Self and two things will happen. First, we will be able to let go of the things that cause us guilt. Second, we will reflect our Inner Self through our Outer Self (through our thoughts, interactions, and ways of being).

When we reflect authentic love through our thoughts, interactions and ways of being, we are no longer our historical selves. We are no longer stuck in the past. We walk free of guilt knowing that we have grown and changed, and will not repeat those same thoughts, experiences or ways of being.

Meditation Thoughts:

Where do I feel guilt?

I can change the thoughts, actions, or behaviours that caused this guilt.

Being true and honest to myself will help me let go.

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