When we forgive, we let go.

Let go of our, anger, hate, resentment, fear, and pain.

Forgiveness is then an act of self-love.

Yes, this act of love is outward because you are no longer holding these things against the other. But it is first and act of loving inward because you must allow yourself to stop holding these things.

To put them down.

To let go, and not pick them up again.

There is no ‘walking away’ needed. Walking away implies that you have not fully agreed to never pick them up again, because you could always return to them.

Let these things cease to exist.

The experience still exists, but these things, these attachments are forgiven and so dissolve. As if they cannot continue now that they are no longer feeding off you. No longer holding space.

You become free of these things.

In love you find forgiveness. In forgiveness you find freedom

Mantra for Forgiveness:

Love is forgiveness, so I shall forgive (me/them/that thing/time)

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