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Physical Practice

Physical practices include breathing practices, philosophical teachings, and a short meditation. A physical practice moves around stuck feelings or energy to bring greater wellbeing.

Surya Namaskar
Practice variations of the Sun Salutation, and feel the movement of your active heat energy.

Chandra Namaskar
The Moon Salutation celebrates the natural cycles in our lives. Feel the flow of your creative calming energy.

Yoga for Balance
Find the balance in your life with a practice that explores opposites and non-attachment.

Yoga for Power
Personal power comes from our solar plexus or Manipura chakra. Learn to utilize movement to help cultivate your personal power.

Gentle Movement
Warm-up, stretch out, and realign your body. This practice is done standing or seated in a chair.

Adaptions for All Abilities
Physical practices are about your connection with your body and self. All poses and practices can be changed or adapted to meet individual needs.

Meditative Practice

Meditative practices use longer guided meditations to deepen the connection between the inner-self, outer-self, and spirit. A meditative practice can include some gentle restorative movement.

Connecting with YOUr Energy
Learn about the energy centers and how they relate to your physical body. Practice feeling these areas.

Clearing the Chakras
Emotional muck can clog our natural energy flow. Sessions can be tailored to explore specific chakras.

Cultivating Loving-Kindness
Practice expressing loving-kindness with guided meditations based on traditional teachings and personal experience.

Sensory Meditations
Utilize your senses in these guided meditations that connect you with the natural world and the universe.

A Stranger to YOUr Body
Do you ever feel uncomfortable in your own skin? These guided meditations help create a safe place to reconnect with and reclaim your self.

Through Pain We Learn
Exploring chronic pain and how pain in our physical bodies can be connected to turmoil in our energetic and spiritual bodies.


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